Where Tradition meets Technology  

A Family Affair

At Craigmhor Construction masonry is in our DNA. Our masonry lineage started in the early 1900s when Henry Dellow brought his young family from England to start a new life in what was then known as Cooksville, Ontario. Henry quickly became known for his attention to detail and his superior workmanship as a builder and a stone mason.

Henry began teaching his teenage son, Stanley, the masonry trade. It was hard work and Henry was an unrelentless and stern taskmaster. After a number of years as an apprentice under his father Stanley struck out on his own. He was in his early twenties.

Stanley quickly became known for his talents in stone masonry, the speed in which he was able to lay block and bricks and his astounding work ethic. Around the time of the second world war the masonry trade was finding it difficult to source concrete block. To alleviate this for his own enterprise, Stanley purchased a small and primitive block manufacturing machine to create his own supply. Others in the trade asked to purchase his excess stock and S.H. Dellow Block and Builders supply was born.

S.H. Dellow Block and Builders supply was a local business icon in Mississauga (Cooksville) Ontario and manufactured concrete blocks and bricks for over half a century. Working at "the plant" was almost a right of passage for Stanley's sons in law and grand children. Expectations were high and even though you were a relative you did not enjoy special status.

After a number of years in the trade, Marc Fraser (Henry Dellow's great great grandson and Stanley Dellow's great grandson) founded Craigmhor Construction in 2009. Marc has the passion for the trade that one would expect, given his lineage.

After all, at Craigmhor Construction, being a stone mason is a family affair.

What's in a name?

Craigmhor is Scottish Gaelic for "Big Rock". To us, it represents the longevity and solid footing on which our work is based.