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Craigmhor in the Community

At Craigmhor we believe that if we are going to do business in a community we have an obligation to give back to that community. "Giving Back" can take many forms. It can be donations to charity, buying from local suppliers whenever possible and supporting initiatives that improve the quality of life for all, both locally and globally.

We encourage all of our customers, suppliers and supporters to help us with this mandate so that we can all benefit.

Compass Food Bank

Craigmhor supports the Compass Food Bank with periodic donations based on business growth.

Oakville Rib Fest

Craigmhor supported the 2016 Oakville Ribfest as a contributor to their coupon offer book.

Sourcing Locally

Whenever possible Craigmhor sources goods and services locally. We also seek out local small business specifically as a supplier.